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Chapter 8 - Vehicle markingsĀ 

What you need to know:
Chapter 8 of the Traffic signs Manual (Traffic Safety Measures & Signs for Road Works & Temporary Situations) was issued by the Department of Transport.

It provides guidelines for companies operating on public highways on a range of issues. Section five (5.2 & 5.5 ) outlines what conspicuous markings are required on Vehicles that stop for work purposes or inspection purposes on all public highways. In addition to the specifications regarding the colour of the vehicle, Chapter 8 also sets out the requirements for rear reflective markings on all vehicles stopping on high speed roads.

Does it effect you? It affects any operator of large or small vehicles from HGVs to road maintenance trucks, small vans and cars that stop for work or inspection purposes on high speed roads.
to learn more about Chapter 8, click here to visit the official page at the Department for Transport.

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